Become a member

The Glass and the Façade Association of Norway work actively to ensure our member companies good framework conditions, and create a positive reputation for the industry.

6 good reasons to become a member of the The Glass and Façade Association of Norway (GFAN):

1. It pays to be a member

A membership is a seal of quality and seriousness for your company.

2. Stay informed

Our news room gives you the latest news in the industry, and our professional magazine Glass & Fasade provides insight and inspiration.

3. GFAN assists you

Our professional team works to ensure that you get the assistance you need when you need it.

4. Smart digital tools

We offer digital tools that simplify everyday life and enable you to work more efficiently.

5. Favorable insurance

Our dedicated insurance broker achieves very competitive membership terms.

6. Environmental awareness

GFAN takes environmental responsibility, and contributes, among other things, through participation and ownership in the return scheme for PCB-containing insulating glass, to the proper handling of this waste.

GFAN has the following membership benefits:

The benefits of a membership in the GFAN should primarily be reflected in the value of gathering in the tasks several solve together in a better way than one alone, bring the challenges to square, agree on the way to the goal and lead the tasks to good , future-oriented and qualitative solutions.

GFAN Employers’ Association

GFAN is an employer and branch organization for the glass and façade industry in Norway. It safeguards the member companies’ interests within employer issues and collective bargaining matters.

GFAN has a strong focus on legality in working life conditions and as an employers’ association its own agreement with LO / Fellesforbundet and Forbundet for Ledelse og Teknikk – «The Glass Agreement».

GFAN Supervision, inspection and consultancy services

In order to stop fraud and irresponsibility in the Norwegian construction industry, and to assist where doubts are raised about the quality or function of products, GFAN offers and carries out extensive activities within inspection and supervision.

The services are called for from the association’s members as much as companies outside the association, and from professionals as much as private persons.

GFAN Legal advicory service

The association’s collaboration with VIRKE entails an agreement on the provision of legal services.

Within contract and employment law issues, the members of GFAN get advise and assistance from lawyers and attorneys with leading knowledge and expertise in these areas, and on very favorable terms.

GFAN Technical advisory service

In any need of technical consultancy, analysis and calculation, GFAN offers professional assistance.

GFAN Education and training

GFAN offers a broad course and educational program that ensures the members a high level of knowledge and competence, and the opportunity to make valuable contacts.

The course and education programs are offered to members at very favorable terms.

GFAN Member and customer service

The GFAN’s activities are about deliver services mirroring member companies’ expectations.

The GFAN Member and customer service works actively with members, customers and administration.

GFAN Media and Communication

GFAN looks after and informs about industry activities and the member companies’ interests in marketing of products and services.

The newsroom at, Glass&Fasade, newsletters and social media are information channels used to reach the industry’s target groups.

GFAN Network

«Glass og Fasadedagene» (GFD) and «Fagdagen» are our main annual events and meeting points.

Here, the members, the industry’s target groups within the public sector, architects, engineers, real estate developers and others with an interest in the development within our disciplines and work areas, can expand their network.

GFAN Events

In addition to our main annual events and meetings GFAN arranges trips to trade fairs and industry contacts relevant for the diciplines and work areas for the member companies.

GFAN Hotel

GFAN has an agreement with Thon Hotels.

This includes competitive prices for accommodation and course / conference facilities.

GFAN Recruitment

GFAN has an agreement on recruitment services with Sky rekruttering AS.

Through this agreement, the member companies achieve competitive conditions on recruitment assignments.

GFAN Insurance

Through our dedicated insurance broker GFAN offers very competitive membership terms on a variety of insurances.

GFAN has the following member categories:


Companies with activities within management, consulting, design, production, processing, assembly and trade / sale of glass and related products are admitted as Main Members.


As an Associate Member, companies, organizations and institutions that have an interest in or conduct business related to the association’s professional and work areas within administration, consulting, design, production, processing, assembly and trade / sale of glass and related products are admitted